Foil Gallery is pleased to announce our relocation from Higashi-Kanda, Tokyo to Nishijin area, Kyoto.
There is a real escape game “Ajito of Scrap Kyoto” produced by a paper “SCRAP” in the basement, and “café marble” run by a design team “” on the 1st and 2nd floor. Foil Gallery will be on the 3rd floor while Foil as a publisher shares the 4th floor with others. Each of us with different features is now aiming to work together on cheering up the whole Chikoin area, providing various exhibitions and events in the building. We are sincerely looking forward to having you to come by.

1-519-1 Sasaya-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
4th floor Foil (Publisher)
3rd floor Foil Gallery Scheduled exhibitions

We are planning exhibitions associated with publications by Foil.
Saturday, April 21- Sunday, May 20 "Children Existed" by Ryji Arai
Saturday, May 26-Sunday, June 24 "Pigs and Papa" by Toshiteru Yamachi

Foil special exhibition of a group of contemporary artists
"When are you gonna do, if not now?" by Zenkyoan x Foil

Sunday, April 29-Sunday, May 6
Venue: Zenkyoan, Kennin-hi temple
Artists: Ryoji Arai, Masako Suzuki, Yoshitomo Nara and others
Admission: 500 yen
Traveling cafe: cafe marble

Various types of works of FOIL related artists including brand-new pieces will on view exclusively at the oldest Zen temple Zenkyo-an. Related programs will be held daily as well.

1st and 2nd floor "cafe marble” Chikoin-branch
"cafe marble" is a cafe produced by a design team "", and it is a branch of "cafe marble" in Bukkoji. The Chikoin branch provides you relaxing time with the feeling of being at home, taking advantage of its large space. It has a parking lot available for several cars and a neighboring, spacious park welcomes families with little kids. Please contact for chartering the entire cafe for parties. We look forward to your visit.

cafe Marble:

Basement “Ajito of Scrap Kyoto"
The real escape game held at amusement parks so far by SCRAP finally came to Kyoto to open up a permanent space "Ajito of Scrap Kyoto".
There are only 11 people locked up in the room, and it totally depends on you whether you wander, make plans or just wait till a good idea hits while only 60 minutes are given. Will you be able to escape by solving all kinds of mysteries?

Paper "SCRAP": 
Real escape game produced by SCRAP: