NAZE solo Exhibition

FOIL GALLERY is pleased to accnounce solo exhibition "NAZE?" by Kyoto-based artist NAZE, from 3rd to 21st June, 2011.
Born in Ibaraki, 1989, NAZE has actively produced his work using graffiti and rubbish as his motif or materials. This exhibition will present NAZE's drawings on the rubbish which he collected in NY or various places in Japan such as Kyoto and Tokyo.
Graffiti and rubbish is, as NAZE says, something people normally regard as unwanted, and leave behind.
What distinguishes "art works" from "rubbish" is, however, totally depending on the viewers' perspective, and this distinction would largely influence the value.
As his name "NAZE" stands for "Why", this artist has kept throwing doubts on such notion of the value and attempting to overturn it.
During the exhibtition period, gallery will become NAZE's open studio, there he will create works from rubbish gathered in Tokyo.
Art or rubbish, necessary or unnecessary - please visit us and experience this question on the spot.

Born in Ibaraki, Japan in 1989. Lives and works in Kyoto.
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