Cecilia Corzo + Nikka exhibition
gSweet Universeh


2015.10.9 (Fri) | 10.31(Sat)
Mon - Sat 12:00 - 19:00 / Sun & National Holiday12:00 - 18:00
Closed on Wednesdays
Admission : 300 yen
(Free for junior high school students or youngerj

[Opening] Friday 9th / 18:00 - / 1,000yen (1) (2)
[Talk Event] Hiroaki Isobe & Cecilia Corzo / Saturday 10th / 18:00 - / 1,000yen
[Installation Event] Saturday 17th & Sun 18th / 13:00 - / 1,000yen (2)
[Work Shop] Sunday 25th / 11:00 - & 15:00 - / 1,500yen
[Closing] Tea host: Nick Richardson (Yabunouchi tea ceremony style)
Saturday 31st / 11:00 - & 15:00 - & 17:00 - /2,000yen (1) (2)

(1)"Sweet Universe" wagashi & Tea set
(2)"Sweet Universe" wagashi's box set to go



Contemporary civilisation has stopped looking up at the messages from the universe. There are children from this era that have never seen a starry night sky.
The earliest civilizations observed the heavens because the Sun, Moon and stars gave indication of coming seasons; the sky aided in navigation, it gave signs of life, war, earthquakes, the fate of kingdoms and more. People had a closer connection with the universe back then.
I would like for people to have a temporary and contemporary esweetf connection with the universe through a common life experience which is eating sweets.
I believe a universe is contained in each piece of wagashi (Japanese sweets). I small bite of sweetness can take you in a journey to an unknow or relatively known place; the universe.

In collaboration with Nikka I have design a series of wagashi each one conveying awareness of different elements of our universe.

When the expansion of repertoir of chasekigashi began, the confections where made based on a sense of the season. Many current wagashi are modeled after plants taking the shape of flowers, leaves and fruits. There are other confections that are modeled after astronomical phenomenon and yearly events as well. It can be said that wagashi have become another calendar, another way of telling time.

As opposed to the former idea, I have made non seasonal wagashi, but rather I have emphasized on something that is always there living along side with us, always moving always changing: the universe.

These new wagashi where thought of from elements that are part of our daily life, elements that are up there in the sky past the terrestrial atmosphere. These elements coexist faraway with us, but they are not always seen. They are part of gthe bigger pictureh, as though are we, yet the relation between us is somewhat distant, or so it seems.

A bite of this esweet universef will be transformed, it will disappear after eating it, and the experience of closeness with the universe elements will be temporary, as so is this precious life on Earth.

For this exhibition I will present the series of photographs of each designed wagashi.
For this project, the photographs, have been shot in such a way that evoke the feeling of flotation,
of non gravitational force, of expansion; just like our universe.

As well, there will be an edible installation from which the guests can eat a eSewwt Universef wagashi of their choice.

Cecilia Corzo


Cecilia Corzo
Born in Mexico City. An architecture graduate from the Architectural Association in London, and with studies in Cinematography and Fine Arts in the UK. Currently doing artistic research in Asia. Recently finished the design for a house in Los Angeles, California. Her recent past artistic activities took place in Mexico with some international exhibitions in the USA, Europe and Asia. In 2003 Cecilia was part of the creative research team of Fabrica in Italy. Doing there her first art commission for a public site specific art work.




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