Bing Bong Big Bang, 2011

Small sugar universe with full of candy colour

Australian female artist duo, Pip & Pop.
They fascinated Japanese audience by the installation work with coloured sugars during Aichi Triennale last year.
Pursuing “Kawaii” things and being greatly influenced by Japanese culture, their sugar-made fluffy but also poisonous works are created through time and pastience demanding process.
If you look closely, you will find some characters like Totoro, among other motif of birds, flowers, mushrooms and bambi.
While introducing photographs of installation views and drawings, photographs of works in progress and also sketchbooks of initial ideas, goods inspired them are presented in this book, like a colourful jack-in-the-box, which absorb you into deep Pip & Pop’s fantasy world.

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Pip & Pop (Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz):
Artist duo of Nicole, born in 1989 in Sydney and Tanya, born in 1972 in Perth. Using variety of materials including plastic products, origami, and pigments, they create fantastic, full-of-happiness installation works. Currently they are actively participating in group exhibitions and holding solo show mainly in Australia and the Europe.

Title:I Love that You Love what I Love
Author:Pip & Pop
Design:Mina Tabei
Texts: An Seebach, Hisako Hara
Price: 1400yen(tax excluded)
Size: 182.5mm×258mm
Page: 48
Soft Cover
(September, 2011)
[Sold out]

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