Ruins covered by sand in Namibia where used to be flourished by the Diamond-industry, the Dovecotes in the Aegean Islands, the licensed quarters and hearses of Japan - this HOUSE compiles the photographs richly depicting characteristic architectures taken in 5 countries, 6 places. From old times, people have casted their reflection of dreams, frames and even vanity on their "house". Beyond the category of merely the architecture-photograph, the momentary emotions and organic transitoriness are uniquely and beautifully co-existing in this photo book "HOUSE".

1. Namibia:Internal Sand Dunes
2. China: Western-Style Village
3. Greece: Dovecotes
4. Okinawa: Constructivism
5. Mexico: Ultra-Baroque
6. Japan: Samurai Baroque

Ichiro Ogata Ono Profile:
Born in 1960, Kyoto, Japan. Photographer. The photographs taken from the architect's point of view have been admired from the viewers all over the world. His publications (under his former name, Ono Ichiro) include: Mexico Baroque, Mexico Hotels (both 2000, Aspect) and Ultra Baroque (1995, Shinchosha). His exhibitions include at epSITE, Tokyo (2001) and AXIS Gallery, Tokyo (2001).

Yu Ogata Profile:
Born in 1946, Tokyo, Japan. Architect. Visiting architectural sites in all over the world together with her husband, Ichiro Ogata, she has been announcing her works with combination of architectures and photographs.


Title: HOUSE
Design: Jun Tsunoda
Price:2800 yen (tax excluded)
Size: 300 x 230 mm
128 pages / Hard cover / Full Color
(October, 2009)


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