efuto (e = picture, futo = envelope)

It has begun about 50 years before in the first place. David McKee, a British author of picture books who became world-famous with his phenomenal book "Elmer the Patchwork Elephant", and his friends thought of a secret, but creative habit. That is what we now call "efuto", decorating envelops for letters with illustrations.
This amusing habit didnt remain as a private fun just among his friends, because David actually has sent the efutos regularly to Klaus Flugge, the managing director of Andersen Press, with which company David publishes his book.
Klaus soon started to display those efutos on the walls of his office. Taking a look at them, many illustrators were inspired and stimulated to draw on their envelops to Klaus, just like David does. They say, there is a large collection of more than 500 efutos, reached at Klauss hand by now.
Satoshi Kitamura is one of the picture book authors who were struck by the charm of such an enchanting fun. He has grown close friendship with David as they both publishes their own picture books from Andersen Press, hundreds ofefuto
have been exchanged between them over 10 years.
The pleasure has spread in various ways and involved all the people other than illustrators, even children. Countless efuto has been painted, posted and delivered...
Collecting such efutos, from the exchange between David and Kitamura to that of other illustrators, letters to Klaus and to their families and friends, this book carries 274 pieces of those efutos by 37 people. They should make your heart leap for joy!
The importance of the time to write letters, the considerate heart to think about the person in the other end of the letter, and the excitement and pleasure of receiving the letters...
Efuto is being sent today with a lot of amazements and smiles.

* David McKee

* Alice Vigiak
* Axel Scheffler
* Binette Schroeder
* Davide@Troncon
* Emma Chichester Clark
* Fiona Moodie
* Fulvio Testa
* Jacques Benoit
* Luca Russotto
* Mark Southgate
* Max Velthuis
* Nicole Cortini
* Peta Coplans
* Posy Simmons
* Sarah Mclntyre
* Sophie Cartini
* Susan Varley
* Satoshi Kitamura

* Annari van der Merwe
* Bill Hays
* Carme sole Vendrell
* Emanuela Lanza
* Eric Hill
* Frederic Joos
* Giorgia Terenzi
* Jeff Clements
* Mario Vigiak
* Marysia@Milewski
* Michiko Sawada
* Patrick Bertrand
* Philippe Dupasquier
* Sara Fanelli
* Serge Ceccarelli
* Sophie Dupasquier
* Tony Ross

Special Made Envelops on Sale

"efuto" by Satoshi Kitamura has become real envelops.
As the original address has been deleted, you can put any address of someone
speciall by yourself and send it to them.
A white plain envelop is also enclosed with each efutoes, you can enjoymaking your own original efuto.
Please check the publication "efuto" to see how you can make your own!
250 yen (tax included) for each set.

type A + a white plain envelop
type B +
a white plain envelop
type C +
a white plain envelop
Each price: 250yen
(tax included)


Title: efuto
Design: Tatsuya Ariyama
Price: 1600 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 978-4-902943-18-4
Dimension: 14.8x21cm
Pages: 128
Binfing: Soft cover
(May, 2007)
Out of Stock

Special Made Envelops on Sale
type A +
a white plain envelop
type B +
a white plain envelop
type C +
a white plain envelop
Each price: 250 yen (tax included)

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