A pig peacefully sleeping on the man's belly, or looking at a newspaper over the man's shoulder, when the man plays the guitar, all the pigs gather up and it becomes a impromptu concert - from morning till night, the farm family spend all of their time with those thousands of pigs, more as a family. While farming process tends to become completely automatic in the course of mass-production and consumption, this family does all by hands, pouring their love on each pig, during each work: from feeding to sewage treatment. Beyond merely a relation of livestock and the farmer, the photographs shown in this exhibition clearly represent the bonds with full of love between the farmer and the pigs as, in a sense, partner living together. The photographer has continuously photographed this farmer and pigs over 10 years since he met the farmer as a city-officer. A self-published book of this photographer is here largely revised and reborn as more lovely, happier photo book!

Toshiteru Yamaji Profile:
Born in Kagawa, Japan in 1937. Worked as a city officer for 24 years and was engaged in business related to agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Self-published a photo book as a record of a pig farmer and the pigs. Awarded the 13th Japan Self-Publishing Award, Graphic Prize for this photo book.



Title: Pigs and Papa
Author: Toshiteru Yamaji
Design: Shingo Ikeda (67)
Price: 1800 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 978-4-902943-60-3
Size: 182 x 239 mm
128 pages / Black and White / Soft Cover
(December, 2010)

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